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Education and study

If you are considering a career in Aalborg, the fact that your children are older than the minimum school leaving age need not be a hindrance.

In The Education Guide, you can read more about the opportunities for starting a short, medium or long upper secondary or technical education in Aalborg.

On the website, you can also read about the opportunities for taking a short-, medium-, or long-cycle higher education.

UU Aalborg - Study Guidance for Young Adults Under the Age of 25

‘UU Aalborg', is a study guidance centre for young people up to the age of 25. The counsellors at the UU centres provides study guidance for:

  • Students in municipal primary and lower secondary school (from the 6th to the 10th grade).
  • Young people under the age of 19 living in the municipality district in need of guidance in connection to education and employment.
  • Young people in the age between 19-25 living in the municipality district who contact the guidance centre.

You can contact UU Aalborg with questions on educational choices and you can also contact the centre, if you are currently studying, but question your choices. If you drop out of an educational institution, the UU centre will automatically contact you.

Choice of Higher Education 

If you are considering enrolling in a higher education or undergo further training, you can get counselling at Studievalg Nordjylland (The Centre for Study Guidance in Northern Jutland). Here you can get information and inspiration for you choice of further education. Guidance and counselling for educations across the country is provided at the centre.

Studievalg Nordjylland has a guidance centre located in the City of Aalborg. You do not have to schedule a meeting in advance meet with a guidance counsellor.

The centre has a complete collection of material on higher educations in Denmark and you can use the centre’s computers to search for information online.

Read more at Aalborg University

Study Aalborg

The Educational Board in Aalborg municipality has initiated a portal called StudyAalborg which is for all students or future students in Aalborg.

The purpose of StudyAalborg is to make it easy for young people to find relevant information. Therefore we have gathered a lot of information at Study Aalborg about educations, student jobs, places to live, cafes, sports, cultural experiences and a lot more. Furthermore StudyAalborg has its own team of writers, who write a lot of interesting articles about what’s going on in the city. All the writers are students and they happily share their good ideas about what to do in Aalborg. They write about everything; hidden shops, big concerts , good restaurants and new happenings in the city.


Study Guidance

Jobcentre Aalborg provides a wide variety of guidance in connection to educations and employment. You can either schedule a meeting in advance or show up at the centre unannounced.

Read more about Jobcentre Aalborg

Diploma Assessment and Recognition

If you have a degree from abroad, but wish to use it in Denmark, you can get an approval from CIRIUS, an organisation within The Ministry of Education. Your diploma assessment can be used for clarifying your qualifications to an employer or if you wish to enrol in a Danish educational institution.

CIRIUS does not apply for degrees within the health sector. The National Board of Health must assess these:

Read more at the National Board of Health (Access rules at each study program) (

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