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Sustainable Development

Aalborg has for many years been a pioneer in the field of Sustainable Development. Already in 1994, Aalborg was involved in the efforts of putting local sustainability on the agenda in Europe. This happened with the creation of the Aalborg Charter, a statement expressing that municipalities and their citizens have a great responsibility in creating environmental, social and economically sustainable communities. The Aalborg Charter has so far been signed by over 2500 Municipalities across Europe.

In 2004 the European work on local sustainability was assessed and this resulted in the creation of the Aalborg Commitments, a more binding statement in which the signatory municipalities commits themselves to work diligently for local sustainable development. The Aalborg Commitments has so far been signed by 650 municipalities.

Aalborg Charter

The Aalborg Charter was adopted in 1994 and is today signed by over 2500 local authorities throughout Europe.  The Charter was created as a response to the Earth Summit in Rio in 1992 and Brundtland's call to "think globally & trade locally", where the responsibilities of cities and local authorities regarding sustainable development were defined. The Aalborg Charter was developed in collaboration with the European Commission and launched the European Campaign for Sustainable Cities.
Aalborg has given its name to the Charter because the Municipality actively contributed to Charter's origins and because the Aalborg Charter was adopted at the first conference by the Campaign for Sustainable Cities held in Aalborg in 1994.

Aalborg Commitments

The Aalborg Commitments were adopted at the Aalborg +10 Conference in 2004, as a follow-up the Aalborg Charter. The Aalborg Commitments forces local authorities to pursue sustainable development through obligations to set concrete goals and actions within the following 10 themes:

1.  Governance
2.  Local management towards sustainability
3.  Natural common goods
4.  Responsible consumption and lifestyle choices
5.  Planning and design
6.  Better mobility, less traffic
7.  Local action for health
8.  Vibrant and sustainable local economy
9.  Social equity and justice
10.  Local to global

By joining the Aalborg Commitments the local government agrees to:

  • Within one year to develop a Baseline Review Report, describing the municipality's past efforts within the sustainability field and challenges that lies ahead.
  • Within two years to establish goals and action plans in cooperation with local citizens and other stakeholders, for the continued efforts for sustainable development.
  • Continuously publish Aalborg Commitments reports dealing with established goals and achievements.

Aalborg Commitments are currently signed by 650 local authorities and the number is steadily increasing.

For more information about the Aalborg Commitments, please visit or contact Anders Du Mont-Thygesen at the Aalborg Commitments Secretariat by e-mail or by phone (+45) 9931 2194.

Local Initiative for Sustainable Development – Sustainability Strategy 2008-11

The Sustainability Strategy 2008-11 is designed to bolster efforts to promote
sustainable development in terms of nature and the environment in
the Municipality of Aalborg. The strategy lays down the objectives and initiatives
that Aalborg City Council believes are necessary to actively promote
sustainable development within the municipality. To read the full document please follow the link below.
Local Initiative for Sustainable Development – Sustainability Strategy 2008-11

The European Campaign for Sustainable Cities

Behind the Aalborg Charter and Aalborg Commitments is Aalborg Municipality in cooperation with a number of cities and networks that together make up the European Campaign for Sustainable Cities.
The campaign is responsible for the coordination of knowledge and experience on local sustainable development and Agenda 21 among the 3,000 cities that have signed the Aalborg Charter and the 640 cities that have joined the Aalborg Commitments.  By signing one or both of the documents a city automatically becomes a member of the campaign, which today is the largest global network of cities and local authorities in Europe working for sustainable development.
Campaign members meet every second year for a conference to discuss the latest developments on sustainability.

The Nordic-Baltic Aalborg Commitments Network

To strengthen cooperation between the municipalities in the Nordic and Baltic countries that have joined the Aalborg Commitments, a Nordic-Baltic Network has been established. The network currently  consists of 40 cities and is financially supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Stockholm Environmental Institute in Tallinn, Estonia, serves as network coordinator.
The network aims to strengthen the individual municipalities work on the implementation of the Aalborg Commitments.

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