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Department of Education and Cultural Affairs

Department of Education and Cultural Affairs’ most important area of responsibility is to provide qualified service and consultancy, and be able to inform about rules, regulations and opportunities within schools and culture.

This Department is divided into three service areas: Schools, Aalborg Public Libraries and Cultural Affairs.

Schools is responsible for all teaching carried out at the municipal primary and secondary schools, special schools, special education programmes and the so-called DUSscheme, an extended cooperation between school and home, providing after-school facilities in the Municipality of Aalborg. The Municipality’s Youth School and Music School also come under the wing of the Schools Services.

Aalborg Public Libraries. The libraries are centres of information and knowledge but, at the same time, put on events for their patrons. In their efforts to satisfy the requirements of their users, they are trying out many innovative electronic initiatives on the Internet.

Cultural Affairs works with the development and operation of clubs and societies in the area such as sports clubs, adult education centres, cultural societies and institutions.

Aalborg City Archives is the city's executive authority within the archival domain - both electronic and on paper. The archives also hold private archives from persons, organizations, and factories: 8 km. documents and 6 mill photographs, historical films, and sound. The holdings are available for all users, young as well as old, in the reading room. The holdings are also searchable on the internet.

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