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Health and Sustainable Development

The Department has focus on the health of the people living in the Municipality, and the proper development of the Municipality’s rural areas. These areas are expected to provide major challenges in the future.

The department functions as a project organisation which coordinates projects spanning across, and closely associated with, various municipal departments and external partners.

This transverse structure helps the department creating unified projects providing overall solutions, rather than working with projects which have divided areas of responsibility.

This department consists of Public Health, Occupational Health and Safety, Public Transport and Sustainable Development.

Public Health takes care of the transverse and coordinated tasks which are determined by the Public Health Act. It is responsible for politics and strategy in the area of health, and the economy related to health services including preventative initiatives in relation to the municipality’s adult community. These initiatives are aimed at motivating and inspiring people towards a healthier lifestyle with particular regard to diet, smoking, alcohol and exercise.

The Occupational Health and Safety unit functions as a qualified advisory unit in the area of work environments, cleaning management and insurance related processing of industrial injury cases. The manager of Occupational Health and Safety is also in charge of safety in the Municipality.

The Public Transport unit has the job of planning the local bus routes and the planning and supervision of the municipal road system including diversions and bus stops in the area.

The Sustainable Development unit is responsible for the development of rural areas in the municipality including the servicing of local councils, boards and tribunals and matters in connection with Aalborg’s position as a centre of education, fund-raising, international relations, Aalborg Commitments and the volunteer pool.

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