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The Mayor's Department

The Mayor’s Department is responsible for ensuring that the Municipality of Aalborg functions as a whole unit. A great deal of the work which is carried out here is therefore concerned with coordinating the activities of all the municipal service areas.

The Mayor’s Department is divided into six service areas; The Mayor’s Office, Citizen Service Center, Financial Services, Commercial Services, General Services and the Fire and Rescue Centre.

The Mayor’s Office serves the Mayor and the Chief Executive, and deals with inter-departmental communication for the municipality.

Citizen Service Center. There are four Citizen Service Centres in the Municipality. These centres provide direct access to the public sector services such as: passport and driving licence issue or renewal, tax advice, change of doctor, change of address and much more.

Financial Services manages the overall economy of the Municipality including the budget, the accounts and matters relating to staff management.

Commercial Services offers advice to Aalborg companies to help them create growth, jobs and more business and works with the overall economic development in the municipality.

General Services is, among other things, responsible for taking care of the City Council, weddings, elections, municipal IT, international relations, printing and events.

The Fire and Rescue Centre. The main objective of the Fire and Rescue Centre is to come to the aid of the municipality’s residents in the event of fire, traffic accidents or natural disasters.

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The Mayor's Office
Boulevarden 13
9000 Aalborg
Tlf. +45 9931 3131
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Monday - Wednesday
08.00 -15.00
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